While completing my dissertation, I applied for post-doctoral fellowships, job applications, and funding awards. I am great with content but while free writing, I always struggled with looking at my piece objectively to make any edits, changes etc. Plus coming from a British English education system from India, my sentences were lengthy, vague and winding, with a descriptive poetic style of writing, and overlooked simple grammatical rules. So I needed someone who could not only help me to edit and refine the piece, but who could help me think objectively, restructure, reorganize and condense when needed to bring out the best as a writer. I also recently needed help with my different kinds of publications.

Aimee first helped me identify and value my own strengths as a writer and scholar, then helped me think and write well and coherently with her timely, reliable, and constructive feedback and suggestions. Revisions and rewriting was very daunting and overwhelming for me in the past but receiving Aimee’s assistance and guidance was an affirming, productive, and positive experience for me. I highly recommend Aimee’s assistance and editing service.

I work best when there is a structure and timeline. Aimee has been so punctual with keeping up with the deadlines, reliable, organized, and meticulous so that encouraged me to be more accountable and efficient as a writer and scholar. I also like the way Aimee provided a couple of ideas or suggestions in reorganizing or structuring my writing pieces, and also what she enjoyed or liked about my manuscript. It’s always good to hear that as well.

Three of Aimee’s strengths:

1) Constructive feedback and advice

2) Versatile editor and structural support for different kinds of writing pieces

3) Organized, punctual, and reliable

Revisions and rewriting has got very daunting and overwhelming for me in the past but working with your suggestions, advice and critiques has been the most affirming, productive, and positive experience for me. I always looked forward to your feedback and couldn’t wait to send it back to you again for your review. I would highly recommend Aimee to other colleagues /friends.

–Meghna Bhat, Ph.D., Independent Scholar





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